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16th March 2018

Horncastle, Skegness and Spilsby Masonic Charity Cluster Group (HSSMCCG) Charity presentation

During the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys Festival collection period two years ago, the Horncastle, Skegness and Spilsby Masonic Charity Cluster Group (HSSMCCG) was set up and it raised a considerable sum for the festival. It comprises the Craft Lodge Charity Stewards in Horncastle, Skegness and Spilsby and puts on various events working together to raise funds for, initially RMTGB but now local charities and Good causes. The group not only raises funds through running events such as charity recipient quiz nights and an annual steam day at a private railway, but additionally acts as a forum for discussion and having fun. Wives, partners, friends and relatives are also involved on the committee.

Following another successful year of fund raising events in 2017, the HSSMCCG members once again considered applications for charity grants, and £500 was donated to each of five charities/Good causes represented and all attendees were duly presented with their cheques and invited to inspect the Horncastle Lodge premises after the presentation.

In the group photograph from left to right we have:

  1. Bill Aron – Local Councillor (Horncastle)
  2. Michael Carter – Olive Union Lodge.
  3. Gail Dymoke- recipient representing Viking Way Bridge extension over River Bain in Horncastle and Horncastle WW1 Festival committee chair.
  4. Eleanor Fraser – Green, recipient representing The Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society.
  5. Paul Daubney– Bolingbroke Castle Lodge
  6. Beth Croft – recipient representing United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust-Breast Care Clinic.
  7. Roger Papworth – Bolingbroke Castle Lodge.
  8. Mary Silverton – recipient representing Horncastle History and Heritage Fund.
  9. Bernie Buck – Sir Joseph Banks Daylight Lodge
  10. Brian Burbridge – Leader of the Council, Horncastle
  11. Yvonne Steadman – HSSMCCG Committee
  12. Mike Newbold – St Clement Lodge Charity Steward.