St. Clement Lodge No.4300

1st Wednesday Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb,, Mar, Apr, May 18:15

Installation November 17:30

January Festive Board New Year / Burns Theme

Named in 1921

Warrant of Constitution 30th May 1921

Consecrated 20th October 1921

St. Clement Lodge No. 4300 was consecrated 20th. October 1921 at a ceremony in the Pavilion, Skegness. The consecrating officers being The Right Honourable, The Earl of Yarborough, Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, P.G.M. taking the chair and assisted by

W.Bro. T.M.Boscombe        Prov. S.G.W.      as      S.W.

W.Bro. W.Rowston              Prov. J.G.W.       as      J.W.

W.Bro. Rev. B.G.Nicholas   Prov. G.Chap.     as      Chaplain

W.Bro. R.Moresby-White    P.G.S.B., Prov. G.D.C. as     D.C.

W.Bro. D.Dale                       Prov. D.G.D.C.   as      A.D.C.

W.Bro. G.R.Usher                 Prov. G.Purst.     as      I.G.

St. Clement Officers designate were as follows:

W.Bro. Tom Kitwood           D.P.G.M., P.G.D.         as      W.M.

W.Bro. Ralph Hudson          P.P.G.Supt.Works       as      S.W.

Bro. J.Orr Armour                                                  as      J.W.

After installation of the W.M. and his Wardens the following Brethren were appointed and invested.

W.Bro. C.S.Marshall            P.P.G.W.(Derbyshire)           as      Treasurer

Bro. P.E.Cash                                                                   as      Secretary

W.Bro. J.Crawshaw                                                              as      D.C.

Bro. H.Mather                                                                  as      S.D.

Bro. H.M.Woodruffe                                                       as      J.D.

Bro. F.Trevitt                                                          as      I.G.

Bros. D.Mondey & T.Marshall                             as      Stewards

Bro. H.Rowley                                                                  as      Tyler

w.Bro. G.G.Dunkley             P.P.A.G.D.C.                         as      Charity Rep.

After closing the Lodge a banquet was held at The Seacroft Hotel at 6-00pm The Menu as shown below:


Tomato Puree               Consomme Vermicelli

Fried Fillet Sole

Roast Beef with Horseradish sauce

Roast Chicken              Roast Pheasant

Seacroft Pudding

Trifle                   Fruit Jelly

Cheese Souffle             Sardines on Toast

Cheese                 Celery

Dessert                Coffee

St. Clement Lodge was held at the Baths Scarborough Avn. From 1921 to 1942 then due to the Baths being bombed they relocated to The Lumley Hotel till 1945, there was also a short period in 1945 when they met at the Church Hall Ida Rd. then in October 1945 the Lodge relocated to Pembroke House Rutland Road and in 2016 we moved into our present home, a purpose built single story building with full disabled access and larger rooms.