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Warranty of Constitution 15 Feb 1881

Consecrated 21 April 1881


Lumley Lodge 1893

A Brief History of Lumley Lodge No. 1893

(Consecrated 21st. April 1881)


It is difficult after a lapse of over 100 years to determine the circumstances that led to the formation of the Lumley Lodge. The lodge nearest to Skegness was Shakespeare No. 426 and one can imagine that the local freemasons endured considerable discomfort travelling by horse and trap to and from Spilsby. This was presumably one of the factors that inspired the formation of a lodge in Skegness and on the 28th. November 1880 seven brethren, six from Shakespeare Lodge and one from Lodge of Harmony No. 272 in Boston, signed a petition. The founders held twenty meetings prior to the consecration but minutes of the proceedings were recorded at only seven of these. The warrant of the lodge is dated 15th. February 1881 and the consecration ceremony was held at the Earl of Scarborough’s Estate Offices on Thursday 21st. April 1881.

For the first ten years of its life the lodge struggled to survive. It was sparsely attended and on several occasions meetings were adjourned owing to the fact that there were less than seven present. One Installation Ceremony was deferred to the following month due to the fact that only two Installed Masters attended. The Bye-Laws provided for twelve regular meetings but it became the practise to close for the months of July and August and in 1885 no lodge meeting was held for the five months June to October. Finance was also a problem in the first twenty-three years as the lodge was more often in the red than the black. The number of members did not exceed twenty until 1891 and the Installation Meeting in 1892 attracted the record attendance of twenty, five of whom were visitors. Membership gradually increased to thirty seven at the turn of the century, ninety three at the Jubilee meeting in 1931, and one hundred and eleven members in 1959. The present membership in 2006 is seventy two.(It should be noted however that there are now two lodges in Skegness. St. Clement Lodge No. 4300, Lumley’s daughter lodge, has a current membership of fifty six).

Over the years the Lumley Lodge has had a number of meeting places starting at the Earl of Scarborough’s Estate Offices in 1881, the Library, (now the National Westminster Bank), for the period 1882 to 1885 then back to the Estate Offices until 1902. Meetings were held at The Baths, Scarborough Avenue from 1902 until October 1942 when damage by enemy action necessitated a move to the Lumley Hotel. With the cessation of hostilities in 1945 accommodation was no longer available at the hotel and for a brief period the lodge met at the Church Hall, Ida Road. On the 17th. October 1945 the lodge met for the first time in the present premises, Masonic Hall, Rutland Road.

The first recorded Ladies Evening was held at the Sea View Hotel on the 23rd. January 1899. For this and other occasions, such as funerals, dispensations were obtained to enable the brethren to wear Masonic clothing.

The Lumley Lodge, No. 1893, named in honour of Lord Scarbrough, was warranted 15th February, 1881.
The petitioners were H. J. Seels (W.M.), F. Cartwright (S.W.), S. Taylor (J.W.), Chas. Hildred, David Shaw (all members of the Shakspere Lodge), Geo. Dunkley (Sec),
and M. Enderby.
The Lodge was dedicated at the Scarbrough Estates Offices by the Prov. G.M. on Thursday, April 21st, 1881.
About sixty brethren attended the Lodge and banquet.

Found in “Freemasonry in Lincolnshire”