Lodges in Skegness

We have a number of Lodges located in the Skegness Masonic Centre.

Lumley No.1893 and St. Clement N0.4300 are the two Craft Lodges within the centre, along with the Lumley Lodge of Improvement, an educational lodge, used by members of the two Craft Lodges.

Lumley Chapter No.1893 is an extension of the Craft Lodges and completes the journey through freemasonry.

Throughout the history of freemasonry other types of lodges (degrees) have been created.  There are several of these Lodges, Chapters or Orders that are also located at the Skegness Masonic Centre.

Earl of Scarborough Mark Master Masons Mo.1032
Earl of Scarborough Royal Ark Mariners No.1032

St. Paul’s Preceptory No.466

Candleshow Chapter Rose Croix No.430

St. Peter Tabanacle No.82